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Subject: MMS Help - PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm BEGGING!
Author: Tracy
Date: 02/02/2009 18:16
I downloaded the newest version of httrack.  The download was successful and
I'm using it.  I'm working to download a particular website.  The owner died a
couple weeks ago and as of right now it's unknown whether someone will take
over or not.  The content is too valuable to lose.  The download goes along
fine until it hits the MMS server then everything comes to a screeching halt. 
I can't bypass the file, clicking quit does nothing and I can't cancel because
the program is stuck.  I'm forced to stop it with no save point.  I've left it
sit for two hours and it doesn't time out.  Please, please, please help.  This
is the third request for some kind of assistance or ideas.  Thanks!

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MMS Help - PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm BEGGING!

02/02/2009 18:16
Re: MMS Help - PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm BEGG

02/04/2009 21:21


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