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Subject: HTTrack Review
Author: Sam
Date: 02/02/2009 18:50
Ok, I'm a frustrated user. I attempted to use HTTrack for a simple task, just
to copy a single page with four other pages linked to it (among other links I
wasn't interested). I just wanted to save those pages on disk but with
relative paths so I would be able to view them in my Pocket PC: It couldn't be
done, or it required to get a Rocket Science degree first! My conclusion: This
software is crap! It is made by morons who don't have a clue about what
USEABILITY means! Please don't make software at all!
Choose another NOT creative work, you just can't do it! Let this kind of work
be done correctly by people with talent! 
And don't tell me "it's free" because it's NOT free at all! It consumes
people's most valuable asset: Time! And it frustrates them too!


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