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Subject: Httrack very slow
Author: Tyler
Date: 02/10/2009 00:58
I'm testing httrack (latest version on the download page), and have the
following issue. When I
try to retrieve two text files plus index icons and such that apache serves,
httrack is terribly slow (it seems like 20-50 kb/s).
I went into my web root and did the following:
mkdir test;cd test
for i in 1.txt 2.txt;do dd if=/dev/urandom of=$i bs=1024k count=5;done
httrack -O mirror <http://localhost/test>
If I hit enter a minute or so later, it's still downloading at a very slow
speed. I've tested this on two linux boxes,
along with winHTTrack's httrack.exe. What am I missing?

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Httrack very slow

02/10/2009 00:58
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