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Subject: Re: I can't download this site...
Author: William Roeder
Date: 02/13/2009 15:29
> site... everything is allright but NO
> videos...!?!?!? What's happenning? I've read your

Videos are difficult to mirror. Browsers download the swf object. The swf
either contains the video and shows it or the browsers pass information to
them and they download not the browser. The video url may not even be listed
on the page.

> This is the link to the site :
> <>
Looking at the a page source I see param name="movie"
Httrack will not normally mirror outside the initial site ( 
You can try adding a filter*
The videos will not play in the mirrored files, but the swf/flv may play
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I can't download this site...

02/12/2009 23:52
Re: I can't download this site...

02/13/2009 15:29


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