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Subject: Add more connections
Author: Alvaro
Date: 02/18/2009 11:30
I am trying to speed up Httrack for having a backup copy of my intranet which
is quite big (more or less 2gb). I have tried changing the
--disable-security-limits and --max-rate and it has improved a lot but I would
like to know how can i allow it to make more connections. I have seen in the
manual that there are two options: --sockets and *%cN but none of them have
improved anything at all!! Thank you very much in advance.

Right now i am launching the Httrack as:

httrack.exe "URL" -O "Path where the backup goes" --mirrorlinks
--disable-security-limits --max-rate 10000000000 -%v -* +*"Intranet's domain"

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02/18/2009 11:30
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