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Subject: Serialization error: URL too long?
Author: Stevod
Date: 02/22/2009 20:00
Serialisation errors seem to appear regularly on the forum, and Xavier has
indicated that it's a difficult one to identify the root cause.

Consistantly, I am getting serialisation errors in Windows where the URL is
longer than the maximum path length in windows (255 chars).

It seems that where httrack is unable to save the file correctly, it logs it
as a serialisation error.

One tip is to locate the httrack destination close to the root of your disk,
to minimise the chances that a saved file will exceed the path length.

A longer term fix would be to map the long url into a shorter path name,
similar to as is currently done for dynamically generated files, however I
expect there is a lot of work to do that.

I hope this provides a pointer to the problem

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Serialization error: URL too long?

02/22/2009 20:00


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