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Subject: Getting files from fileshare
Author: Mark
Date: 03/03/2009 18:42
I'm trying to make an offline copy of our company intranet site. The site has a
number of hyperlinks that point to directories/folders on shared file area
(e.g. \\fileshare01\importantdocument1\) and in these areas are Microsoft Word
documents (note the hyperlinks are supposed to point to the folders and not
directly at the Word documents).

I would like to copy the whole site including the Word documents 
1) Is this possible?2) I've tried a couple of experiemental settings and the
closest I got is capturing all the HTML, but getting a timeout error on trying
to access the fileshare

I'd like to know the answer to 1 before continuing with the experiment.


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Getting files from fileshare

03/03/2009 18:42
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