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Subject: Re: Parse OnClick Links?
Author: William Roeder
Date: 03/04/2009 22:57
> OK thanks.  I thought the program scanned the HTML
> source and looked for embedded URL paths and not
> actually needed to execute (Javascript) them.

It will replace embedded urls with file references and not execute the

But function("path","file") can't be handled.

Your Javascript:glbl_changeURL( '/wps/portal/myhome/HeadquartersLakeCounty')
httrack may try site/wps.../county/ but if that fails what can it do. 
The function could be:
changeURL{ openurl(arg+"global.html"); }
changeURL{ openurl("hidden/"+arg+"other.html"); }
changeURL{ openurl("/hidden/"+arg+"other.html"); }
httrack can't try all and then reverse engineer back to the argument to the
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