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Subject: no multithread on filelist
Author: George
Date: 03/14/2009 23:36
I try to download the index of a big filelist of sites. That's meen I download
only one file, so multithreadig it's a big help since I have bandweight.

I've tried to run httrack with disabling security limits and put httrack run
30 threads. But it seems to run sigle thread(no processor load, no bandweight
load etc) and a huge download time..

The options are:

httrack -%L site_list.txt --depth=1 --ext-depth=1 -%! --retries=0 --priority=1
--max-rate=9000000000000 --sockets=30 -%c30 --timeout=8 --cache=C0
--single-log -N %h.%t -O dld_dir

The OS is Windows XP. Do you have any ideea?

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no multithread on filelist

03/14/2009 23:36
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