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Subject: Re: can't browse whole site
Author: Simon Lai
Date: 05/05/2002 12:09
> I have downloaded this site; I 
> checked and it is nicely in folders/subfolders inside 
> my project. The problem is that when I try to browse I 
> cannot see most of the pages (e.g. I see the 
> small .jpeg and when I clic on them nothing happen; I 
> should be directed to the big .jpeg!). As I said: the 
> files are there!
> Help!!!!

Not quite sure what you mean by "nothing happens"...
I'll assume that you mean the files cannot be found.

Depending on the settings and the website, the relative
URL of the HTML may be incorrect after the website was
grabbed. This happened to me once when I was using it
to download a website and I had to move the pictures to
a different sub-directory.

Open up the HTML file in notepad and look at the
specifed link URL and then take a look at the directory
where you saved the website. See if the link refers to
the right sub-directory :)
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