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Subject: problems mirroring a site..
Author: alex
Date: 04/05/2001 19:45

im currently having a problem mirroring 
(russian online library)..

the thing is, i've been running httrack for 15 hours 
how and it has only downloaded 350mb worth of stuff.. 
while webzip does the same in few hours, however, 
webzip for some reason doesn't get all the .txt files. 
same thing happens with httrack but it's still 
working.. so i don't know..

if someone could perhaps check the site out and 
suggest the best way (syntax) to mirror it, i would 
appreciate it!


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problems mirroring a site..

04/05/2001 19:45
Re: problems mirroring a site..

04/05/2001 21:05


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