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Subject: Re: Wikihow
Author: William Roeder
Date: 03/22/2009 23:09
> I have to say William, i am not pleased with your
> attitude towards users. Your attitude comes across
> as arrogant, and i've noticed it a few times. What's
> the need? Some users don't understand, and need
> help.
> There, that's the way. Will, you're a dev, you

I am a user just like you. I am not the developer.

Secondly, I'm the only one responding to these users, 95% of the time. Should
I ignore them or ask them for the information that they should have Already
Third, they are supposed to search the forum before posting yet all they can
say is "it didn't work". A lot don't even ask a question. Most of them are so
dumb in WHAT THEY SAY, they need a wakeup call.

Fourth, if you searched the archives you would find that I respond very
patiently to many and try to help them. But if they're like the last fool what
wanted to argue what it Should do as apposed to what is Does do then I give
them no slack.

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