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Subject: imagefap/imagevenue
Author: yourmother
Date: 03/29/2009 05:04
alright, i've looked through the forum here and there really isnt much of an
explanation on using httrack with these sites.

i just deleted a couple of paragraphs outlining what i tried but im fed up. im
not looking for a response that consists of a single boolean expression like
that explains everything.

is there anyone who can really shed some light on how php can be managed
within httrack? wth is the deal, i spent 3hrs dealing with this and i either
dload 3million items or damn near nothing.  regular sites no problem but i
cant find a consistent method for dealing with php and other methods of
embedded links and such

i think it would go a long way if someone would be kind enough to really
outline this issue so that if something is encountered that isnt handled by
the regular reply of "you need too -*.jpg>dfgkjdfgkj=dfgfdf duh" we might be
able to figure it out ourselves

and yes i even tried googling for an answer but no luck there either

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