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Subject: Re: why httrack can't do this
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/05/2001 21:01
> 1. open <>
> 2. selecte from year and date as 1995,1,1(upper 
>    selecte to year and date as 2000,1,1
> 3. input 'Internet' and click the left button
> 4. click on the first search result, a web page 
> appears in browser.
> 5. copy the url in browser and let httrack begin 
> mirror with this url.
> 6. httrack gets almost nothing, but browser can 
> the url and get a lot of web pages.

- Ensure that if you copy/paste this URL in another 
browser, it will work (ie the page is not linked with 
any cookie!)

- Ensure that you defined correct filters settings, to 
catch all desired pages. By default HTTrack won't go 
to foreign websites, because it would cause a global 
web mirror! See tha FAQs to see how to setup these 

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