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Subject: Re: Cookie madness
Author: William Roeder
Date: 04/19/2009 16:02
> cookies are not being acepted. I took the cookies
> from ie8 and later renamed the particular cookie
> file to cokies.txt. That didnt work however. Anyone
> know the exact format aof how the cookies need to
> be, or if FF3 cookies work?> 
> Should you propose using a file please tell me where
> to find it. ;D

For Windows, Firefox stores your cookies in a:

    * plain text file (cookies.txt) for FireFox 2.x, in a unix-format text
file (eg LF instead of CRLF for newlines).
    * a binary file representing SQLite database on which you can make queries
(cookies.sqlite) for FireFox 3.0 and more.

For Windows, it is located under your profile folder:


where xxxx is some random-appearing string.

So for FF3 you need to convert the file. See: <>

Why not just capture the cookies:
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