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Subject: Maintaining old website links unbroken
Author: David Rennert
Date: 04/21/2009 13:06
I have a php website I need to download.
The static HTML site should replace it.
The original website inner page links have the form
<> where N = 1...2000.

I need old external links to this website inner pages to remain unbroken after
i replace the php website with the HTML website.

For this i thought about adding a mod_rewrite rule which turns old php links
to html links e.g. the link
will actually serve the static html file

The problem is that HTTrack names the file it creates in an arbitrary fashion
e.g. it turns the URL <> to something like
<> (and not item10.html or any other name which
follows a logic I can translate into a rewrite rule).

Is there a way to overcome this?

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Maintaining old website links unbroken

04/21/2009 13:06
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