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Subject: Re: Can't copy all directories
Author: William Roeder
Date: 04/24/2009 15:25
> I'd like to copy my old personal webpage
> <> and I'm
> finding that not all of the directories are copied. 
> I can look at all of the folders, most of these were
> created using Photoshop and have the directories
> thumbnails, pages, images and Source under the root.
> Thumbnails and pages mirror OK, but images and
> Source do not. I must be doing something wrong. 

What you did wrong is not give an example page url that doesn't give an image.
So we're left to guess.

I went down to:

and see the image is at:

By default httrack goes down only. Otherwise the up link on your starting page
would mirror the entire site.  But the images are not at or below the page.
From pages/DSC.htm to images/DSC.jpg you have to go up, over and down. So you
don't get them.

Easiest way is to allow everything in jkern:*
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Can't copy all directories

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