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Subject: Re: Won't download .phtml and .xml
Author: William Roeder
Date: 04/26/2009 16:13
> I am trying to make a copy of a Magento theme and
> for some reason WinHttrack isn't download the .xml
> and .phtml files. I know that the theme must have
> those files in order to function. So what is going
> on?> 
> Or how can I properly copy a Magento theme?
Why don't you tell us what url, what page, what link, what filters, what
settings, and what if anything useful the log file says, then someone might be
able to help.
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Won't download .phtml and .xml

04/26/2009 01:35
Re: Won't download .phtml and .xml

04/26/2009 16:13


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