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Subject: Re: Making New website possible?
Author: William Roeder
Date: 05/02/2009 17:38
> With Geocities closing down all their free websites,
> I wish to know is I can use HTTRack to copy my
> website and the copy it to a new location?> 
> Also, you FAQ says that FTTrack does nor copy email
> addresses.  Does that mean if I copy a webpage and
> the author's email address on it that the program
> will not copy that onto my copy?
Httrack won't harvest email addresses (spamming.)  If a web page has a
address, so will the mirrored page.

However, some sites don't embed email addresses, they put links that open
forms.  A mirror is not a copy, forms will not work.

Also, Geo specific images, etc. will also be captured, but you probably don't
want them on the new site.

Finally links that go to other Geo users/locations you'll want to filter out
so you don't mirror them. I suggest you check No External Pages.  That way you
can find them and remove them later.
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