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Subject: Selective update of current working mirror
Author: Abel Martin
Date: 05/05/2009 12:07

I have a working website mirror and I need to update only certain URLs that
will change for sure. If I update the mirror it takes too long for our needs
and I'd like to speed up the process (there are some news that need to be
updated faster).

I found this workaround to update a mirror without rechecking the whole site,
but it seems it's disencouraged.

I tried to selectively update this URLs, but this leads to some non-working
links in the mirror. I used this command inside the mirror directory.
httrack -Y -r2 -T5 -R10 -%P -p1 -s0 -%s -f -z -%H <URL>

Is there any way to do this properly?
Thanks so much.

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Selective update of current working mirror

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