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Subject: Re: link local pages together: possible?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/09/2002 14:21
> Can httrack create a site (=link pages together) 
> files contained in a local folder on ones pc?> in some sites, we have to
save pages individually, 
> because httrack does not get them. But of course, 
> these saved pages, after saving off-line, are not 
> linked together. So It would be great help if 
> can link them together (after manual saving in a 
> folder).
> Is that possible? and how please.

Well.. this is not possible using a simple method. The 
best way generally is to:
- use filters in your mirrors to ensure that all 
desired pages are being saved (see documentation or 
this forum for examples of filters)
- if a page is missing (for example linked from a 
javascript), copy the page location and add it 
manually to the mirror (you can enter several URLs as 
starting pages)

In case of complex linking (javascript, flash 
classes..), the problem is more complex: links will 
have to be rebuilt inside either binary code (hard) or 
javascript code (hard, too)

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Re: link local pages together: possible?

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