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Subject: Re: Can't download website!
Author: Aaron Thopmson
Date: 05/09/2009 16:42
Your legal team can't do jack mate. Technically he has not downloaded it yet.
However, if he had downloaded it, it is still not an infringement violation
not until he has published it. 

Now I'm assuming that he is not stupid and if he did publish it, he would use
yours as a starter template and the change all those poor quality pictures you
have and vary the layout.

From what I can see, the only decent feature you have on your site is the
rolling picture slide show. However, you don't own that slide show so legally
he can copy that and incorporate it in his website so long he has different
pictures. Don't go around giving threats you amateur.

Before making threats, you need to ascertain that he may be in a country where
such infringements from UK may not be a crime as they may not be part of the
community. For example countries like Iran and North Korea can directly copy
your site and you won't be able to do FUCK ALL.

Now grow up, stop whingeing, your sites not all that, and let him do his job.
You are not welcome here! If you want to sue me other than David, let me know
and I'll forward you my Swedish Address! I bet you can't even afford a lawsuit
on that scale.
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