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Subject: Need help with asp site
Author: Victor
Date: 05/19/2009 23:33
My friend wants me to work on his site only problem is his previous web
designer is being a real dick and won't give him the ftp pass I would like to
back up the site and change a couple of things around like the phone prices
and stuff like that. The just get a new host and change DNS name servers on it
which luckly my friend has the pass :). The old designer coded everything in
asp and apparently pretty good but bad markup I might add but my friend
doesn't want me to recode everything he wants me to just change a couple of
colors here and there please help. 

When I back up the site it works fine until you get to vanities and view
details and filter by and since I don't really know how to code asp and
java(well little experience in java like arrays and stuff). I would like to
keep the current codding and just put it in a diffrent host where I can edit
html and the css for style which I do know how to do thanks for your help!

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05/19/2009 23:33
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