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Subject: Re: link to online pages?
Author: William Roeder
Date: 05/21/2009 03:04
> I am trying to download my favorite news-site, but
> when i click on the mirrored links I keep going
> online.
setting options -> build -> no external pages prevents going online with not
mirrored links

> I need all of the articles to be available
> when i am on the train without internet...
> <>

Most of the links are in this form:
Monstervangst: meer dan 10 ton hasjiesj in één keer -

The default is for httrack to go down only. That means /Nieuws/Snelnieuws/...
and therefor /artikel/... is rejected. Note, down only doesn't work when the
links have an embedded ".." (e.g. page a/b/c with link ../../X means
a/b/c/../../X which is equivalent to a/X.)

In your case, you could change the allowed direction (options -> experts) or
just add a filter allowing everything:*
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