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Subject: Re: Improvements
Author: Simon Lai
Date: 05/10/2002 01:20
> But for the first problem, I recently really PAUSED 
> the download, and the links continued to be 
> That was very strange.

in relation to your first problem, the HTtrack (at 
least the windows version) does not pause downloads in 
the middle. When you pause the download in the program 
it actually tells the program to finish what it's 
currently downloading, THEN stop (ie. stop sending more 
requests to download).

> For the HTS-LOG.TXT, it cannot be moved till HtTrack 
> remains open. This should be easy to fix.

As informed by Leto, this is being looked at by Xavier

> The directory downloading should be changed as I 
> suggested, it will improve offline browsing !

sometimes the relative links are not correct due to 
tricky coding in javascript for example. In some of 
these cases you may need to manually edit the 
javascript code to allow linking.

I am looking at the site you've provided and there's no 
reason why it would not download all the HTML files 
(although I am currently on an university computer and 
do not have HTtrack installed so I cannot verify this 
as of this moment).

> BTW, can you also change the forum by sorting the 
> more recent messages first ?
you can subscribe to the forum via email and receive 
the latest replies/posts that way.
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