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Subject: Master include list and settings
Author: John Phoenix
Date: 05/27/2009 00:21
Im trying to use httrack for linux/Ubuntu. I am really confused because I dont
understand what all the defaults are. I want to use filters to overwrite the
defaults to be sure it will download all I need. I need a Master Include List
that I can copy and paste into the include box that covers everything there
could possibly be on a website that's 5 Gigabytes in size. Is there such a
master list? Also, I need to set the  tool to use all of my speed and as many
max connections as possible. I need all options that let me download the most
data the fastest I can as long as its stable. What should all my settings be?I
have had programs (windows based) crash in the middle of downloading and
programs finish but all links don't work right.

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Master include list and settings

05/27/2009 00:21


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