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Subject: Re: Aborted downloads not recovering
Author: Simon Lai
Date: 05/10/2002 11:38
> Hello.  I discovered a problem in the lastest version
of HTTrack.
> If I am downloading a website, and it is working on
an image file (or any large file, really), and the file
aborts -- due to me getting disconnected, due to
internet lag, etc etc -- the file will never be
re-downloaded.  If I say 'Update all files' and let it
run, it will skip the partially downloaded files.
> This doesn't happen if I say 'skip this file'.  Only
when the downloads get aborted unexpectedly.

It isn't a "bug" exactly, but rather it's just the
program does not compare the file size difference when
it's working out whether the file needs updating or
re-downloading. I believe it uses the ETAG when working
out what files to re-download - see earlier thread at:

Currently, I am not certain of the developers are
looking to include a feature which checks for
interrupted downloaded files. My advice is if your web
connections gets severed, then note down the files
which were interrupted, delete them manually then
re-run the program using the setting continue with
corrupted download.
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