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Subject: Re: Downloading IPB forum
Author: William Roeder
Date: 06/24/2009 14:37
> >> Is there a way to rename the
> >> index.php?s=Hash&act=showtopic=TopicNumber to
> >> index.php?act=TopicNumber and the links in the
> page?
Your question makes no sense.  You can not have arguments (?topic=N) in file
names.  By default it saves those files in the form indexABCD.html where ABCD
is a hex hash of the entire url. (Any duplicates are named indexABCD-N.html)

User defined defined structure allows better on disk naming, such as

Links to mirrored files are automatically converted to the local filename and
can be either:
href="html\indexABCD.html?topic=N" or:
href="html\indexABCD.html" options -> Build -> Hide query strings.

> Let me rephrase that. Will the code be like this?> %[RemoveHash:s=*:::]
> And where do we put the code?options -> Build -> options.
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