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Subject: Re: configuration questions
Author: 10basetom
Date: 05/10/2002 14:40
> Hope my responses helped somewhat? :)

hi simon, thanks so much for putting in the time to 
reply to my filter and configuration questions -- yes, 
your answers were more than satisfactory :). i've 
actually spent half the day exploring this incredibly 
powerful program and am beginning to know what i'm 

regarding #4, i ran some tests and found out that 
having 6 connections opened consistently returned the 
fastest download times for my 44kbps connection, if 
anyone is interested (of course other's optimum 
setting could be different so it's best to experiment).

the only question mark that i'm still curious about is 
#7 regarding MIME types. the types that are populated 
in the drop-down menus now are all text/html, so i'm 
wondering if i should go ahead and map each one to 
type text/html to spare httrack the more complicated 
algos when parsing php/cfm/etc. files in the future.
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