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Subject: Parsing of URL Parameters
Author: Tom
Date: 06/29/2009 17:16

I am trying to use the relatively new feature of using query string parameters
within the user defined structure option. 


Example command -  -N "%h%p/%n.%t-%[day]-%[period]"

Is an example url I am trying to download, however, it appears httrack only
classes the query string as upto the # (correctly so), this means that day and
period don't get initialised and the md5 hash is only equal to

The reason I am using these parameters is that our users uses the parts of the
query string for a final visual clue on identifying sites among our various
mirrors. I need the parameters, either by reformatting the paramaters like
above, or having all of them included in the filename in a filesystem friendly

I am happy to make changes to the code and re-compile, however, is this
functionality contained in a specific file or is it spread about?
Any ideas on how to get round this? 

Many thanks,


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