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Subject: Re: Scanrule wildcard clarification
Author: William Roeder
Date: 06/29/2009 17:21
> I'm using wildcards to exclude a site, say Google,
> from my mirror.  
By default httrack only mirrors the starting site unless external depth or
filters must allow it.

> However, I want to include incidental js, jpg, gif,
> png, and css files from other sites.
get non-html files

> I'm using the following recipie...
> --can-go-down
> --stay-on-same-address
> -*
> +*.jpg +*.gif +*.css +*.js +*.png
no +mime:text/html you'll get only one page

> Then I add...
> -**
> But I still get garbage files from Google.  
From what you said above you can only get jpg/gif/js...

> Is there a difference between ?...
> -**
this could be a site filter or a directory or file
> and
> -*
this can only be a filename

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