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Subject: Re: configuration questions
Author: 10basetom
Date: 05/11/2002 00:25
hi xavier, thanks again for the feedback...

> You can't, even if setting retry=999 will work, BUT 
> THIS IS NOT ADVISED (3 is generally a maximum - if 
> file still fails after 3 retries, this is generally 
> due to a server problem such as cgi error, server 
> error..)

what is the default retry count when the option is 
left blank?
> >8. under primary scan rule (experts tab), what 
> >does 'store html files first' mean? 
> Well, this option is related to question 6: it 
> to scan and get html files first, before downloading 
> images.

if i check "get HTML files first" then would i also 
have to select "store html files first" for this 
feature to work?
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