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Subject: Bookmark test
Author: Baruch
Date: 07/28/2009 18:37
I am trying to determine if the links in my FireFox bookmarks file are valid. 
I hope for a report of some sort indicating which weren't valid and which
were.  Would you please describe the settings required for this?  

What I've done:
1. Base Path: to where the bookmarks.html file is located.
2. On the Mirroring Mode screen of your program I've set the Action drop down
to "Test links in pages (bookmark test)".
3. I've tried dragging the bookmark file into the Web Address (URL) box of
that same screen.  It shows the file name there.
4. I've set the Options: Limits: Max mirror depth: 1, and Max external depth:
5. I am connected to the Internet, so use: Remote Settings: Do not connect to
provider (already connected).  And not to disconnect when done.

The results:
1. Almost immediate completion of the run.
2. The hts-log.txt file in the folder created for this run ends with: "HTTrack
Website Copier/3.43-5 mirror complete in 0 seconds : 1 links scanned, 1 files
written (197166 bytes overall) [0 bytes received at 0 bytes/sec]
(No errors, 0 warnings, 0 messages)"

What am I doing wrong?Thanks!

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