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Subject: Re: usemycomputer
Author: William Roeder
Date: 09/01/2009 00:09
> <>

<> says (among other things:)
# Some bots are known to be trouble, particularly those
# designed to copy entire sites. 
# Please obey robots.txt.
User-agent: HTTrack
Disallow: /

1) must disable robots.txt

> -*
Ok. you just want Kelly

> +*.jpg
The page with the image does not have ANY jpg links on it so this does
nothing. (the image is gotten via javascript)

> +*/Kelly.Brook/*
This allows the page with the image. Needed since it is above the starting

> +**
> +*&i=/indeximages/women/Kelly.Brook*
These two are redundant.

FAQ: javascript only partial support.

Final answer: can not be done.
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