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Subject: https urls via proxy
Author: Laura
Date: 09/11/2009 01:31
HTTrack version 3.42-3

I have a strange case that https URLs are not downloaded via proxy.

1)  httrack --debug-headers <https://local_lan/file.html> works
2)  httrack --debug-headers -P login:pass@ip_of_squid_proxy:8080
<> works as well

3) httrack --debug-headers -P login:pass@ip_of_squid_proxy:8080
<> does NOT download data.

In the hts-log.txt I get:
00:29:11        Warning:        link is probably looping, type unknown,
aborting: <>
00:29:11        Info:   No data seems to have been transfered during this
session! : restoring previous one!

hts-ioinfo.txt is empty.

It is not rather a proxy problem as wget is able to retrieve the file:

thanks for any suggestions.

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