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Subject: Re: missing thumbnails
Author: William Roeder
Date: 09/16/2009 17:42
> i downloaded (about 4Go about art
> history) but on my copy the thumbnails with links to
> big pictures are missing, the link is available but
> i can't see the linked picture

page:  <>
frame: <>
thumb: <>
link:  <>

By default, httrack only goes down. Therefor from /frames.html? you should
have gotten the thumbnails (/preview/..) just like the large pictures

I always set options -> links -> Get non-html so you get thumbnails, css, js
from where ever they are stored.
I always set options -> Build -> No external pages so you will be warned if a
link would take you to the net. (In case you don't get what you expect.)

If those don't help, either look in the log file for a specific image name
and/or post the beginning of the log file.
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