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Subject: Missing files in mirrored site
Author: Robert
Date: 09/18/2009 11:57
I try to mirror the website <>. It is an VERY useful
website for learning anatomy.

Problem: Some very important pictures are not downloaded , whereas they are
visible in the browser while on-line.

If you go for example on the page <> 
, the  image is not present on the
mirrored website. The picture is crucial for navigation. I guess the webmaster
has made an extra trick ... and I could not find out how to make the mirred
site work offlin. Even saving  the pictures of type   imageApps/*ovOver.gif
from the browser  (there are 10 *.gif of that type)  and copying them manually
in the folder "imageApps" does not solve the problem. Spider was on "don't
follow robots.txt"

Does anybody have an idea how to get the site? Correctly? Would be a great
help for me.

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Missing files in mirrored site

09/18/2009 11:57
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09/18/2009 18:10


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