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Subject: Re: Download files not in web form
Author: William Roeder
Date: 09/20/2009 21:23
> A friend has uploaded a load of files to a website
> in normal folders and sub folders. 
> I need to download the folders, subfolders and
> contents as they would appear on his PC, NOT as a
> offline website.
You can NOT know how they were on his PC. You can only know how they ARE on
the site.
> How do I get httrack to simply COPY the files down
> without recreating the HTML structure?
You must find a page that contains links to the file(s). If you open the
directory and the browser shows a directory listing, that's your starting
point. Most sites don't allow directory listings.

You MUST allow httrack to scan the html structure to get the filenames. How
you store the files in your mirror is up to you.
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Download files not in web form

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Re: Download files not in web form

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