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Subject: Re: External links not converted
Author: William Roeder
Date: 09/22/2009 02:06
> httrack <> -O
> Documents/offline/elpais  -w -C2 -r2 -%e2 -Q  -q
> +** +** 

> when I don't have network, and the resources are not
> in my cache, the page display very badly.
> An example of a resource that is not local in the
> last download is
> <>
httrack goes down only by default. /im/... is not down from /global/... so you
don't get them.

> The depth is 2 so I should be able to see the
> initial page properly.
depth is irrelevent.

-n   get non-html files 'near' an html file (ex: an image located outside)

also the site has a large lising in robots.txt you may want override that.
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