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Subject: "custom" anchor attribute get ruined
Author: Martin Andersen
Date: 09/29/2009 23:25
I'm trying to download this page(and the rest of the site):

It contains javascript code that changes the website links so a lightbox(fancy
layer) popups up when you click on them. These specific links are all marked
with the attribute 'rel="darkbox"' so they are easy to find.

The content in the popup comes from the a custom attribute "data" on the
anchor tag. This attribute contains HTML data, and HTTRACK tries for some
reason to convert this to a huge URL and the HTML is afterwards useless.

How do i avoid this? Can i somehow trick HTTRACK to not touch the content of
the custom "data" attribute?
What will work?1. Changing the name of the attribute to something else than

2. Putting "comment" tags around the attribute content.

3. and what else can you think of?

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