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Subject: Why are there any "security" features???
Author: A Snouty Hound
Date: 10/05/2009 06:57
A question for Xavier: why are there "security" limits built into HTTrack by
default, ones that are a little difficult to even override?  Why should I, as
a user of HTTrack who is trying to capture a web site, care about the
"security" of the site at all?  Why should I care, even if I use so much
bandwidth or connections that the site becomes unreachable for other people? 
I just want a copy of the site for my own purposes, correct?
Philosophically, I object to the idea that HTTrack somehow should "balance"
the needs of its users against those of web site admins.  Let us be brutally
honest, yes?  If I cared at all about the web site admins, I would not be
downloading their entire site, would I?  

Please respond to this forum posting, even if you vehemently object to it,
instead of just deleting it.  Thanks...


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Why are there any "security" features???

10/05/2009 06:57


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