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Subject: Re: save forum with identication password
Author: chen jian
Date: 10/11/2009 01:18
     I'am Chenjian. I always pay attention to your action for I respect you
since you successfully became the president of the USA. No matter the final
result, I know you are a nice person, and that’s nothing to suspect. I am
also a nice Chinese young man.  China lay emphasis on “family” concept! The
corn of family is love.  Because of love, people gather together. Because no
love, people separate themselves from original whole family.

    As a Chinese youth, I  respectly invite you to visit China. If you add
this arrangement, then the rates and affection of you and your party will
increase in the world. That’s good news.

       The another  important thing is that  I will  suggest you visit a
famous Chinese man YunFeng. He is the most unique person in the world. Chinese
people are spreading YunFeng’s wide love to the world. He inherited the whole
traditional condition of China. And we also are building the big family in the
world. Of course, YunFeng is  circle's center.

    There are three reasons that  I suggest you  visit him.  

     First, he can tell and guide an individual's fortune: It expresses a lot
on me. I experienced big change since I came to the USA two years ago. My
friends, my classmates and my teachers also feel this change. Under YunFeng’s
great power, you may become the greatest president in the history of USA.
Because of love, the world has peaceful wish; because of gratitude, a person
can build the relationship of love and increase that.

      Second, he may direct the fortune of countries: The world is in trouble
of by earthquakes which happen frequently. he warned We must pay attention to
the earthquake of Europe and America. The common words to explain  the power
is knowing. If YunFeng can say this prediction sentence people will believe
him, no ordinary person can say them. The earthquake is ongoing. The recently
earthquake and Tsunami of Samoa has caused over 150 persons die. Indonesia
earthquake ,over 5000 persons  die. YunFeng alreday predicted these in
advance. The death of  people brings extreme hurt to .their family . The
terrible experience told us  that   human being could not prevent disasters
before it happen. Humankind  need to wake up and should be led by knowing! If
you visit Master YunFeng, then you will be respected and support from  the
heart of your people! This is a good chance for you! Please treasure it.

Master YunFeng can already predict the economic crisis of 2009 and prepared
the method to solve that. I hope you will visit him formally and respectfully, 
then you can get the good method for saving the people in the world.

       Third, he may point the direction for the world: you certainly know the
topic YunFeng talked  in recent years. That’s the weather problems. One and
half year ago, the Master already expressed his viewpoint of nuclear weapon.
You already knew. The topic of United Nation completely in accord with these
two topics the master concerned about  always. It’s not coincidence. The
knowing loves people in the world. We need the assistance of leaders in the
world to help him spread  love to people  in the world!  I hope you will be
the leader for spreading love firstly in the world.

  I hope you will soon visit YunFeng for people in USA! I hope the people of
USA get the love from Master YunFeng! I hope the people of the world get the
love from Master YunFeng!

  truely yours,

 Jian Chen


      Below is message Master YunFeng sent to me, please  pay attention to

      Dear Chenjian,

       The prediction of "the great event of USA "is being witness!

       Please  pay attention to that continually.

       Wish president  Obama visit me as early as possible for people in USA!

       Wish USA  people get the love from Me!

       Wish people in the world get love from Me!



 fifth,Octomber 2009 ln CHINA.

YunFeng Offical Website: <>
Chen Jian's Email:
Chen Jian's Cellphone: (646)861-9042
Chen Jian's Chinese Blog: <>
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