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Subject: Wordpress mirror
Author: kikukuan
Date: 10/29/2009 03:20
Hello teacher, you're a genius

Sorry about my English is very bad ...

I want to make a mirror of a wordpress blog with the following 2 features:

1 - The blog contains 2 types of images:

a) the images of the blog, in the same domain: design, buttons, image header,
etc. ..

b) and images that are not hosted on the domain itself, come from external

I just need to download the mirror images of the blog, the other external
servers do not.

  ** But I want to stay in the mirror the code to call the images from other
servers **

2 - The URL of an article on a wordpress blog, is:


But when I winttrack the mirror is:


** I want a result in the url: **


If the teacher has a solution, I will be eternally grateful:)

Thank you very much for your response and thank you very much for the program,
eternal life for you!

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10/29/2009 03:20
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