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Subject: Start Domain
Author: Thomas
Date: 10/30/2009 17:16

it would be nice if I could use the Startdomain for my Site Structure because
I have more mirror Pages in one Project and I like to seperate the Directorys

I like ths because the Pages refer to different images and on a other Server.
If I mirror now with this customizing I get the Images of all webpages in one

My Customizing

The Pagelayout

Domain1 (mirrored)  --> Own Content
   V  (Domain2 refferenced by Domain3)
   ^  (Domain2 refferenced by Domain3)
Domain3 (mirrored) --> Own Content

now I geht the following

domain1 --> img
domain2 --> img
domain3 --> img

I would like 
domain1 --> img of Domain1 & Domain2
domain3 --> img of Domain3 & Domain2

I holpe I could explain the Problem a little bit.

If you have further questions feel free to ask me.

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