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Subject: Same URL with different syntax?
Author: johnny Johnson
Date: 11/13/2009 20:40
A curiosity to me.

On  a forum I have seen the forum can be accessed by: 

or just (leaving out the www.)

On this forum when people are posting links to other forum threads in their
forum posts, the links to the posted threads start with www. or just the URL
without the www., But both URL's go to the exact same page file, even though
one URL is using www. and the other URL isn't.

When WinHttrack is mirroring the forum it creates two folders, one folder to
reflect the www. being present in the URL, and a folder for the non-www.

Is it possible somehow to have httrack treat the URL links that do not have
the www. as if the www. were present (or vise-versa) so that only one folder
would be created to house the forum post? Thus avoiding any unnecessary
duplicate posts from being made in the mirror.

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11/13/2009 20:40
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