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Subject: Word Database
Author: Jim
Date: 11/17/2009 23:00
I have a fairly large company website that I need to index... so large that I
need to use the -#L option so httrack not stop due to too many links.. I cut
out 2 sections of the site as well...  I also put the -max-time at 2 days so
it would stop and create the word database on the data that it was able to
find after the time period expired so I would have something to look at.

Here is how I am running the job.

"c:\Program Files\WinHTTrack\httrack.exe" <http://www.??????.com> -*/Checkout/*
-*/AutoShip/* --max-time=172800  -#L1000000 -s0  -C0 -p0 --search-index

Is there a way to make it run a lot faster? I dont need to save the pages or
anything.. and I dont need a cache so it can restart it.. I just need to have
it read the content real fast and create the word database so I can see what
is where..

I know the httrack can do it.. I am just not sure on how to set the options

Thanks for your help.

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