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Subject: urls in javascript code not being followed/added
Author: Bandit
Date: 11/18/2009 22:42

I may not be using the right search terms but I can't figure out why these
jpgs are not being downloaded.  For example, if you go to
you can see in the html, this code:

var pg = "id":"09000d5d8129412f","headline"

but that image (for example) never gets saved no matter what settings I try
when doing a mirror.  (I am not trying to "mirror" the site, just a single
page.  At a time lol)

There are some thumbnails at the bottom of the page that are placed there in
<div> tags which DO get saved, but I don't understand why the parser doesn't
find the .jpg files with their full URL's within the code.

I am using WinHTTrack 3.43-7 under Vista and have the "obvious" (?) settings
selected - "Attempt to detect all links" & "Get non-HTML files related to a
link" under Links and "Parse java files" under Spider.

Any idea if I might be doing something wrong?  Or is this expected behavior? 
If it is expected behavior, any suggestions on working around it?
~     --b

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urls in javascript code not being followed/added

11/18/2009 22:42
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