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Subject: Suggestion - Browser plugin
Author: bizguy72
Date: 11/20/2009 23:26

Has any thought be given to developing a browser plugin for httrack (ie. so
that when using IE or Firefox, there is a httrack plugin available)...

...I was thinking that it would be nice if this existed and more importantly,
that the httrack plugin would would be able to leverage off the fact that the
browser is already logged into a site that requires authentication.

EXAMPLE: Using my browser, I login into a site that requires some sort of
authentication (whether it be HTTP-based authentication or form-based
authentication or some other) and then once I am authenticated when I click on
the httrack plugin it would leverage off the fact that I have already logged
in to the site and allow me to capture whatever I needed to.

Not sure if this is possible but if it were it would be awesome!



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