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Subject: problem after 'saving options'
Author: Nightstorm
Date: 11/21/2009 00:38
Am using httrack on windows using the Gui interface, & its a superb app, with
great configurability.(not to mention helped me a great deal) - All the
websites, from the very 1st one dloaded perfectly, & i was quite happy that
all worked right on the very first shot!  : )

This is a small problem i just had while trying to save the Options.
I had completed a project & saved the options using 'Preferences--> Save
Options As'. (The directory to save the site to, was set to a folder on
another drive - not the C: drive)
After saving my options, the next project got saved to the httrack program
folder (C:\Programs Folder\httrack\); after which httrack prompted me asking
if it was okay to delete some of the directories in my C:\Programs Folder\ , &
i clicked 'cancel' to those requests.

In the project after which I had saved the settings I had made just one
change, - changing the alotted bandwith on the 'Limits' TAB.

All i want to do for now, is change the bandwidth Limit & keep it that way
without it getting reset everytime I start a new project.


Also if you'll could clarify some of the items on the 'Preferences Menu'

- 'Reset to Default Options' - This item resets the options to the settings
"saved" as default (using the 'Save default Options' menu item) and not to the
httrack "out of the box" settings - is that right ?
Thanks A lot !

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