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Subject: HTTrack is a *tool*!
Author: Bandit
Date: 11/24/2009 16:51
Just because an application has the ability to be used for illegal purposes
does not mean that the application creator(s) are responsible for the illegal
usage.  HTTrack has not been designed or developed for unethical usage and
legal, responsible usage is strongly encouraged.     

SEE: <>
NOTE <>  

If HTTrack is a *tool* used for inappropriate purposes, you need to to figure
out who the *user* is to stop him or her.  You can also contact the hosting
services of the offender(s) to have your intellectual property removed.

If a Craftsman hammer is used to break my window by someone who illegally
breaks into my house and robs me, do you think Craftsman should be held liable
for that act?  Of course not.  You don't blame the "toolmaker" unless the
"tool" is specifically designed for (only?) illegitimate uses...
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Re: HTTrack being used to copy my websites illegally

11/24/2009 16:31
HTTrack is a *tool*!

11/24/2009 16:51


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